Why texdome for Manufacturers?

be available 24/7 for your customers

2-month free access

Digital presentation of your fabrics

✓  Easily create your own Showroom

✓  Digital collection presentation

✓  Brands are able to order sample materials

Be visible for all brands

✓  Be part of the digital B2B fabric sourcing network

✓  Create your own individual online presence

✓  New uploads are immediately visible for all brands

100% target-oriented platform

✓  Only your possible customers are able to find you

✓  Your information cannot be viewed by competitors or other third parties

✓  Your marketing effort is 100% target-oriented

24/7 availability for all brands

✓  Brands are able to see your collection any time

✓  You are not dependent on dates on site to present your collection

✓  Your marketing is present any time

Reducing travel

✓  Less travelling enhances your sustainability

✓  Reduce your travelling costs

Access to new markets

✓  Starting in Germany

✓  Finishing globally